West Wind Village – 1st Round of Testing Results


Last week we shared the results from Skyview Senior Living’s 1st round of testing which were all negative. Today we are sharing the results from West Wind Village’s 1st round of testing that was done on Thursday, July 23, 2020. As you can see below the results that did come back, were all negative. Unfortunately, there was 1 resident and 10 staff tests that have not been returned due to a lab error. Entire-site testing will be done for all of West Wind Village again on Thursday, July 30th.

 Tests PositiveTests NegativeTests PendingLab ErrorTotal Tested
Skyview Senior Living0500050
Staff at Skyview0320032
West Wind Village0660167
Staff at WWV0101010111

Results as of 07/29/2020

Entire-site testing was performed for the 2nd time on Skyview Senior Living residents and staff on Monday, July 27th.  We anticipate their results later this week and will share them with you after they come in. If all results come back negative, we will discontinue weekly testing at Skyview Senior Living.

Our COVID unit remains open until all testing is complete. If our testing results continue to come back negative for residents and staff, the unit will no longer need be in use and will be closed.

We appreciate your continued support. For all results and latest updates please visit our website at www.sfhs.org. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact Paula at 320-589-7900 or email her at phenrickson@mhs.sfhs.org.